Homemade Southern Fried Okra


1 lb. bag of frozen okra, still frozen
1 cup butter milk
1 cup or so of cornmeal (yellow, white...doesn't matter)
Salt and pepper to taste
Garlic powder to taste
Cayenne Pepper to taste...but I suggest a small amount, 1/4 - 1/2 tsp, tops


Combine the cornmeal and seasoning. Place the okra in a strainer over a bowl, and pour the buttermilk over the okra

Because the okra is still frozen, they're gonna wanna stick together. Get your hand in there, mix it up a bit and separate the ones that are stuck.

Drain the bowl and put the okra into the bowl. Pour the cornmeal mix on the okra

Toss them around so they all get nicely coated.

This is a bit messy...but it really doesn't take that long to do. The longest part is coming up....cooking in batches

Heat up about 1/4" of vegetable oil in heavy skillet (if you're into temps....maybe 350' F, otherwise until its all splattery when you sprinkle it with water). Get a plate and line it with some paper towel and have a slotted spoon of some sort ready

You want to cook in batches so everything cooks evenly. The first batch will probably take the longest, especially if you're using frozen okra, like me.

Put about 1/3 of your okra into the pan, or how ever much will "comfortable" fit in a single layer

After several minutes, when the bottoms are nice and golden, get a spatula or spoon or whatever you're comfy with and turn them over

As they start getting good and brown, remove them to your paper towel lined plate for draining. Repeat the steps until they're all cooked.

Look at this crispy goodness! Heaven...I tell ya...simple and pure

Suggested accoutrements? All things southern...fried green tomatoes, greens, black-eyed peas, fried chicken, pork chops, ham, creamed corn, cole slaw, boston butt, corn bread. It's all good y'all!

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