You can now play PlayStation 4 games on your computer with this new emulator

With the PS4 it was believed that it would be impossible to start emulating this device, despite using the same x86-64 architecture. However, a new simulator has emerged that has aired the opposite.

 The emulator called Spine, can run between 20 and 50 games. Although there are many errors and errors, it is a big jump compared to what we currently have. Most games that can be played in the emulator are standalone games.
As we can see in the next video, the emulator plays some games easily, while the rest performs in a few FPS rendering them virtually inoperable. This is usually due to the amount of resources required to perform each operation.

The PS4 architecture, although more similar to the PC, has many instructions and is more complicated, so their emulation is more expensive. However, two years ago it seemed impossible to think that PS4 could have been emulated on a PC, and emulators like Spine seem to show that within a few years we will be able to run games just as easily as PS3 currently works.

Link: spine

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