This is the best new free video editing app for Android and iPhone similar to computer software

There is a lot of video processing and editing applications that contain a lot of features such as filters, effects, stickers, speed change and much more, but they are separate in various applications. If you are looking for an application that combines all these features, here is the StoryCut application.

StoryCut app allows you to quickly quit what you want on Android and iPhone and share it on the social media platforms you want and also allocates video clip sizes to various social platforms like tik tok, Instagram and YouTube so that you can share the clip without the need for a lot of settings and besides it contains basic editing functions such as cut Video, filters, etc. It includes features that are not present in most editing applications, namely:

1. PIP Image

With it you can combine images with video, i.e. animated video added on the background of an image with support for transparency, movement, effects and more

2. Keyframe feature

It is known to users of professional montage software on computers and through it you can make any material move according to the path that you set as in science fiction movies

3. Acceleration

It can increase the speed eight times unlike most applications

4. Color adjustment

It contains 18 tools to adjust the image quality, where after a series of adjustments in brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation and reducing the color temperature, a professional video will be produced with you that is very clear even if the lighting is weak

It contains other tools such as: audio extraction and editing tool, automatic translation using artificial intelligence to convert audio to text, video inversion tool, adding stickers and text and the option to re-edit from scratch or go back a step back.

Link android:StoryCut  

Link ios:StoryCut 

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