These sites are very important for those working in the field of e-marketing

E-marketing is one of the areas that have witnessed a great rise in the recent period, and the demand for it has increased a lot and it is expected to increase it more and therefore it is important for anyone now to start learning marketing and of course, if you are a marketer there are tools that must be used and among these tools is a group of wonderful sites We'll look at it in detail today.

First location: SpyFu

This site is considered an essential thing for any online marketer because it is through it that you can get to know your competitors and know the secret of their success because this site is special for spying on competitors, through which you can know the keywords that competitors use, you can also follow its advertising campaigns and know the keywords that are used in each campaign.

Second location: Majestic

This site performs a comprehensive analysis of any site and displays all the statistics for any site and the keywords it uses and the speed of the site and measure its performance as well and this thing is very useful for any online marketer because through it you can get to know everything about the competitor's website or your site you.

Third location: Mention

The latter's main task is to follow up on your products that you are promoting and know whether the demand is still excessive or not, and what is unique about this site is that it enables you to know the people who influence in the field of any product to take advantage of them and exploit their pages in the marketing of your products.

Fourth location: Tubularlabs

Certainly one of the most popular marketing methods is advertising on YouTube and of course, if your ad is not targeted correctly you will not reap anything from your advertising campaign, this wonderful site enables you to know the popular videos in any field and spy on them and know the main keywords that make them top search results.

Fifth location: Semrush

This site is a treasure on its own, it is one of the most famous spy sites for competitors, through which you can know everything that pertains to your competitor, including keywords, targeting the audience, etc., and following up the advertising campaigns of competitors, and thus you can simulate these advertising campaigns.

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