The FBI warns against storing passwords in the browser and here's how to extract all passwords

Like the other police and security forces in other countries, the FBI has adopted the role of a security advisor in new technologies or the Internet. From time to time, the United States' FBI surprises us with very interesting security advice, especially for less experienced users who need proof in this to surf the internet or social networks safely. Today we are facing a set of measures that the FBI has proposed with regard to browsers.

 The first recommendation is to change the default passwords. And the last FBI security tip was about passwords that we thought were safe but not. As a summary, it recommends the use of group passwords of 15 or more characters.

  Default browser settings, according to the FBI, can always make us vulnerable to these attacks. Therefore, we recommend that you spend some time configuring and adjusting these settings to raise our security level. The points that FBI recommends for our review are:

- Disable the option to save passwords and browsing history in the browser
Third-party cookies are not accepted
- Clear all browser history when the browser is closed.
Disable browser data collection.
- Disable cache (or caching) of web pages or other content
- Enable browser functionality to prevent harmful, deceptive, or dangerous content.

Now to find out all passwords stored in your browser, use this program:

  Program to review and delete all passwords saved on your device before they are compromised

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