The basic steps to take if you are hacked

We are all vulnerable to penetration. At the moment, no one is safe from being exposed to penetration, and as everyone knows. Recently, penetration has emerged very significantly and was not limited to people only, but exceeded and reached to penetrate institutions and countries. As a result, this post had to be presented for the purpose of awareness so that no hacker can steal your data if it is compromised.

The first thing you might ask yourself now is how do I know that I am hacked?

There are many signs that allow you to know whether or not you have been hacked and the most important of these signs is the presence of a noticeable activity in your accounts for example or for example an unusual activity on your computer, and there is another sign provided by most companies and sites at the present time which is to send an email that tells you that Someone is trying to log in to your account or has already logged in.

So what do you do if you get hacked?

Simply try the first thing that you do is to contact the company or the site as all sites now allow users in a very large number of ways to recover their accounts, the second thing which is very important change the password of the account that you think was hacked and this of course if the hacker has not By changing the password, but does not worry, the sites on your side provide you with support to log in to the account even if you do not have the password, by writing to them and telling them what happened and confirming your identity to them.

In the previous two methods, you have reached your account that was hacked, but the matter does not stop there. Here, the hacker can still be connected to your account and therefore you must verify the security of the account and change the password, as the devices that are open to it know this account and if you find that only by logging out of All connected devices except your device.
Finally, I advise you a lot to use the two-factor authentication technology that has become adopted by most companies and websites, as it is considered at the present time the best security method for simple accounts because even if the hacker has a password he will not be able to log in to your account.

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