Sony launches wireless earphones at a very competitive price

Sony announces the new Wireless Earphone WF-XB700, which features a competitive price of no more than $ 130.

And supports the new earphone from the Japanese company Extra Bass technology that provides stronger sound, and thus Sony surpasses its competitors, such as: Samsung and (Jabra) Jabra.

In addition to the support for Extra Bass technology, the speaker also comes with a battery that lasts for 9 hours of continuous work, and with the battery cover completely charged it can add another 9 hours. It also has support for water and sweat resistance according to the IPX4 standard, which allows it to be used during exercise and in the rain.

The WF-XB700 supports Bluetooth 5, and each part of the earphone can establish a separate connection to the smartphone. This, as of the current month, the headset will be available in black and blue colors, at a price of US $ 129.99.

In addition to this headphone, Sony launched headphones with noise canceling features, WH-CH710N at $ 199.99, and it uses artificial intelligence noise canceling technology, as it constantly analyzes the audio components of the surrounding environment, and then chooses the best noise canceling mode accordingly. The advantage of this headset is that its battery lasts for 35 hours per charge.

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