Samsung is seeking to develop a sensor of 600 megapixels

A Samsung official revealed that the company is seeking to develop a camera sensor with immense precision, unprecedented in smartphones.

Samsung is one of the pioneering companies in developing and manufacturing imaging sensors, as it was indeed the first company to launch a 64-megapixel camera sensor for smartphones, then 108-megapixels.

Now (Yongin Park) - the head of the sensors work team with Samsung - revealed in an opening article on the company's website, that the future goal now is a 600-megapixel sensor, which is characterized by its ability to provide more details than the human eye can see.

According to Park, it is said: "Our eyes correspond to a resolution of about 500 megapixels." Now his team aims to develop a sensor that exceeds that precision, and will be used in many applications outside the world of smartphones.

It is noteworthy that Samsung had launched its latest flagship phone (Galaxy S20 Ultra) Galaxy S20 Ultra, with sensor ISOCELL Bright HM1, which has an accuracy of 108 megapixels, but the pictures come out with pixels grouped with modes of 12 megapixels, 27 megapixels.

It is believed that it is possible to develop a 600-megapixel imaging sensor, but it will be unreasonably huge, and will not be suitable for smartphones, and here lies the challenge that Samsung will face.

One way to do this is to shrink the pixel size, as the pixel size in the ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor is about 0.8 ومترm, and until recently it was the smallest. Samsung then introduced a 0.7 بكسلm pixel sensor, and the company hopes you can reduce the pixel size further.

Park did not specify any deadlines for the sensor launch, but seeing recent developments could make the 600-megapixel sensor launch closer than would be believed.

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