Protect the confidential data stored on the flash in this great way

Most of us have a flash that it uses to transfer data and files, and some may use a USB key to make a backup copy of the important files that it fears from being lost, so it must be very safe. Therefore, in this post, we will learn about a wonderful program to create a secret flash number.

USB Lockit is a free program that prevents the detection of confidential data stored on the flash in case of theft or loss, and makes the files invisible in a way that guarantees preventing any other party from seeing them and the program does not encrypt the files.

First: Make sure that the flash is working with the FAT32 file system by creating formatting for it and then copy the program to this flash and turn it on and enter the password you want as it is used to lock or unlock the flash and then press "LOCK" and all the important files will disappear

When you want to view the files again, open the USBLockit file, type in the password, then press "UNLOCK" to restore the files

And in case you are connecting this flash to your Android phone via the OTG link, you can also download the USB Lockit application from Google Play, which allows you to cancel the flash protection and access files on the phone easily

Program download: USB Lockit

Download  application: USB Lockit

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