MALWAREBYTES launches VPN service it says provides the best internet speed

Malwarebytes, a veteran security anti-malware company that has launched a series of technology platforms, has launched its own VPN service called Malwarebytes Privacy, which users can use starting today from the official site for around 49.99 euros annually.

It is a fully paid service, without any free trial period at the moment, and it is currently only available for Windows PCs, although the company is also working to introduce its new security solution to other operating systems, both desktop, and laptop.

With the same subscription, users will be able to use the new Malwarebytes VPN service on up to five concurrent devices. According to the official publication of Malwarebytes.
 According to the company, the Malwarebytes Privacy service improves internet speed compared to traditional VPN networks, does not slow down computer performance, uses less battery power for mobile devices, and uses the best 256-bit AES encryption.

This VPN service is aimed at individuals and professionals alike, which comes at a time when many people are moving their jobs to their homes due to quarantine and will require additional procedures to stay safe while connected.


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