LG company officially announces the date of the announcement LG Phone Velvet

LG has already launched two promotions for its upcoming mid-range smartphone, LG Velvet, but it has not yet revealed to us the technical specifications of this phone. However, the company has now confirmed to us that it will officially unveil this phone on the 7th of next May through a teaser video published on YouTube that also highlights the simple and distinctive design language adopted by the company in its new phone.

The four colored drops represent the three cameras that will come with the backend of the phone and LED flash. The colors of these drops are also the colors that will come with the LG Velvet, which includes white, black, red and green. Regardless of the colors, we have also heard recently that this phone will feature the Snapdragon 765G processor and will support 5G networks.

According to the teasers published by LG in the last period, the LG Velvet will have curved edges in both the front and back to get a perfect grip, but the screen appears in those videos with a small cut in the upper middle part that contains the front camera.

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