Learn the best SEO tools and applications you should use from now

Attention to SEO rules and SEO is one of the most important things any website owner, blogger or marketer is interested in. Given this great importance, there are a very large number of applications and tools that are used to improve search engines based on interest in SEO rules and this is what we will talk about in This post.

1. SEO Webpage Analysis‏

This first application enables you to know the extent to which your site matches the search engines and the number of keywords that you used and analyzes 3 things related to your site which is your content and then the links on your site after that the keywords and your role as the owner of the site to know the problem in your site and begin to improve it.

2. SEO Backlink Tool

The second application, which relies mainly on your site's Backlinks, which is a major factor in configuring your site for search engines, this application searches for all backlinks that indicate your site and it is also distinct that it tells you the extent of the quality of the site that places your site links.

3. Keyword Research Tool

Special application to search for keywords in any field, which is the most important thing in the SEO rules that must be taken care of, the application once you choose a specific field will automatically show you the most searched and famous keywords in this field and thus you use them.

4. Similarweb

This is not an application but rather one of the tools that are used by the website owners to know the competing sites for them and then analyze them and find out the reason for their search results and thus you keep up with these sites to become like them or better than them, this tool is very beautiful and is available on an addition to both Google Chrome and Firefox browser.

5. SEO SERP mojo – Rank Tracker

This giant application enables you to know the ranking of your site when using a specific keyword and know the status of the site and the strength of the keyword that you used, as it tells you how your site appears in different geographical regions and also shows you all the information in the form of a graph so that you understand more.

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