Huawei announces Vision X 65 smart TV

Huawei has announced its first 65-inch (OLED) 65-inch refresh rate called (Huawei OLED TV Vision X65), which supports HDR10 from the list of features, and Huawei says that the TV can reach a brightness of up to 1000 lumens in a square meter.

The smart TV comes with the company-owned (Harmony OS) operating system and includes 14 amplifiers that produce up to 75 watts, to enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience, and Huawei says the TV screen is certified by (TUV Rheinland) for eye health and compliance with standards safety.

The TV features a pop-up camera at the top that contains a 24-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens used for video calls, reinforced with a HiSilicon Hi3559C chip that is capable of computing artificial intelligence using (NPU), and the camera also allows you to use gestures to control audio and video through motion tracking Humanity.

Speaking of chips, the device includes a dedicated (Honghu 898) chip inside, which is specially optimized for OLED screens, so that the chip improves image quality using artificial intelligence algorithms, along with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of Storage space.

In addition to the announcement of the new TV, Huawei also announced an updated version of its old TV called (Vision V55i), so the new version of it sells for $ 540, while the price of (Huawei OLED TV Vision X65) reaches $ 3,500, and starts Initial requests are made in China today, with the television reaching users on April 26.

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