How to protect files and folders in Windows 10 with a password

One-way protection for files and folders with a password is one of the best ways to prevent others from accessing personal or sensitive information, and Windows 10 has built-in encryption tools that allow you to protect files and folders and secure them with a password.

Below we will learn how to protect files and folders in Windows 10 with a password:

First: Use the encryption feature included in Windows 10:

Choose the file or folder you want to protect with a password, and right-click on the file or folder.
From the menu, choose Properties.
On the General tab, tap Advanced.

Select the "Encrypt contents to secure data" option.
Click OK.

Click Apply to begin the encryption process.
A popup window will appear asking you if you want to encrypt only this folder, or subfolders and files, select the option that suits you and press (OK).

In the next window, you will see three options to back up the encryption key so that you can use it to access your files or folders in case you lose access to it, choose Back up now.

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