How to launch the Internet to the world via satellite soon

A few months ago, the founder of SpaceX, an American billionaire, Elon Musk, announced that he was on his way to launch a group of satellites with the aim of covering the Internet globally, and this announcement met with great fanfare and a worldwide sensation, and here is a question of how this will happen! In this post, we will learn about the answer.

According to what the American Digital Trends website mentioned, the idea of ​​transmitting the Internet in space depends on transferring and operating data over thousands of small satellites, which in turn revolve at altitudes very close to the surface of the earth and according to what has been mentioned, it will be closer to the Earth than the known satellites to transmit the TV signal and others.

These satellites are at an altitude of 1207 kilometers from the surface of the earth and these, as we have said, are less than the traditional satellites, and the satellites transfer data from the Internet Center located in America and share it with all the satellites around the surface of the earth and therefore the Internet will be available anywhere on the surface of the earth.

The project begins according to what was announced by launching 800 satellites for testing on the United States of America, and then another 4425 satellites will be launched spread around the surface of the earth. According to what was mentioned, data transmission via satellites will be very fast because transport will be in space.

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