How to get paid apps for free on Android or IOS

It does not matter if your smartphone is running Android or iOS, because you can get the applications that are usually paid for free and legally, for example, Android users can use some applications to see the list of other applications available for free now, or it is possible to compile Balances on the Google Play Store by answering surveys in Google Rewards.

IOS users can also use an app that has a list of available apps for free for a short period of time, or use a website that does the same.

How to get paid apps for free on Android:

Google Opinion Rewards:

To participate in the surveys provided by Google, you only need to install the Google Opinion Rewards application, where you will ask some questions, and you will get cents for your answer to them, in this way Android users can collect good money to use when purchasing applications from the Google Play Store.


If you don't want to continue answering the surveys to add credits little by little to your account, you can download the FreeAppsNow app, as the app shows all the apps that are usually paid for and is temporarily free in an easy and organized way.


Another app that works similarly to FreeAppsNow, where AppsFree offers custom search filters, can make it easy to find the app you need, and the list is constantly updated in the app.

How to get paid apps for free on iOS:

AppAdvice Daily:

There is also an app for iOS users on the iPhone and iPad, showing paid apps and games that are available for free for a limited time, as Apps Gone Free, now officially called AppAdvice Daily, shows all the apps and games in the App Store, which can be installed for free today, with Custom organization for each user, the list is updated daily, and the application also allows access to applications from the previous day to verify that any of them are still offered for free.


Perhaps the most interesting option is the AppShopper site, which displays all paid apps that are available for free on the official App Store, without restrictions and by date, and the menu on the site includes a description of each application, the price that is usually charged for, and when clicking on the link An app to download will redirect the user to the official store page for downloading.

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