Five apps to protect your private photos

Many of us would like to keep their private pictures out of prying eyes, and for this we offer below five applications that hide and store secret photos and files.

Private Photo Vault

This application protects your private photos with a secret number, and it also has the property of protection in the event of theft as it depicts the thief and sends his location via satellite, and it is available for free for iOS and Android systems.

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

The advantage of this application is its nature as a folder that preserves the confidential material directly, as it sends the user's picture and location to the e-mail in the event that the number of attempts to decode the secret code exceeds four attempts, and even records each entry to the folder. The app is available free of charge for both operating systems.

 Keepsafe Photo Vault

The application features that it is not seen in the list of recently used applications and has a high degree of encryption as it protects your personal photos through a secret code and a fingerprint or shape, as the application automatically closes itself by simply turning the phone. It is also available free of charge for both operating systems.

Secret Calculator

The interface of this application is a calculator that performs all known calculations, but behind the interface lies all the secrets that you want to save, and using a four-digit passcode and a special form, files and private images are saved. The app for iOS is available for $ 1.99.

Secret Photo Album

With this application, you can browse what you want without worrying about tracking the sites you browse through the browsing history, and you can also save secret photos directly on the application that supports protection with a secret number and the face recognition feature. It also shows fake pictures of those who try to intrude your privacy. The app is available free of charge for iOS only.

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