Facebook launches a new application to compete with YouTube and you can download it now

YouTube is a platform where people can find videos of almost any kind. Twitch was specially designed to broadcast video games .. Now it is the turn of Facebook where it will launch its own video game broadcasting app for mobile phones to continue to make gains in a world where there are increasingly and currently occupies third place, even with 2.5 billion users per month on its social network.

Facebook today published a worldwide Facebook Facebook app, according to the New York Times online media. The app will not only allow you to watch recorded and straightforward video game videos, but video authors will also have their place on the app to create them. The app will be available on Android and later versions on iOS as soon as it is approved by Apple.

The app, which has already been tested in Southeast Asia and Latin America for the previous year and a half, comes at an important moment for Facebook: millions of people are limited to sitting in their homes with little to do due to the coronavirus, plus advertising revenue has decreased. However, while Facebook intends to place ads on videos, it will not happen once it is launched; it aims first to have a large enough audience.
However, this app is actually an extension of the video section of the social network, but it will start separately to make things easier: You can broadcast from your mobile phone in a few simple steps, which makes the process much easier than competing apps, while with Twitch You need to install other apps or connect the phone to the computer. You can download the app from the following link: Facebook Gaming

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