Facebook launches the Messenger application for Windows and macOS withfree video calls

Facebook joined the showcase of apps that focus on providing video calls to users. The social network has released a new version of Messenger for desktop.

Because of the current conditions, video call applications are experiencing their golden age because millions of citizens in social protection are moving away from themselves to prevent the spread of coronavirus, a pandemic that threatens the world.
For this reason, Facebook has decided to take advantage of this nuisance, introducing a new version of Messenger, the instant messaging app, for desktop.

The company has announced the launch of its messaging app for macOS and Windows so that users can make video calls in a more practical, simple and official way.
For this reason, Facebook launched its desktop app, which provides unlimited conference calls.

Notable features of this desktop app include making video calls on larger screens with up to eight people, easy communication between users, using other apps simultaneously, and receiving messaging notifications (which you can activate or deactivate).
Note that the connection will be synced to Facebook Messenger for mobile devices, so no messages will be lost in this desktop application.

Additionally, like the mobile version, Messenger for Desktop will integrate dark mode to avoid eye strain.

The app is already available at:



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