CORONAVIRUS:COVID-19 tracker is available for Android phones on Google Play

Google confirmed its intention to use the infrastructure (Google Play) services to update Android phones and other mobile devices with the next COVID-19 tracker, which it develops in cooperation with Apple, which effectively guarantees more Android phones to get updates, and also ensures their availability for working phones Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) - or higher.

Google Play services are the only reliable system for providing instant software updates to Android phones, and the other method - a complete OS update - is often characterized by delays from telecom companies and manufacturers.

Google says that its update system will be implemented in two phases of the framework that follow the contacts via Bluetooth, which are the initial launch phase of the scheduled API next month, and the stage of including the API in the operating system that arrives in the coming months.

But there is a huge group of Android devices that will not benefit from the new update because they do not benefit from the services (Google Play), including all Android phones in China, in addition to Huawei phones sold globally after the United States imposed restrictions on the company.

The current regulations do not allow Google to provide software to Huawei, which means that Huawei cannot apply the tracking system to its phones.

Google has addressed the problem by developing a framework that companies, such as Huawei and Xiaomi, and other Chinese manufacturers can use to copy the safe tracking system developed by Apple and Google, provided that it is up to Huawei and other Chinese manufacturers to determine if they want to use the system.

It is reported that this is the same strategy that Google uses with the Project Mainline system for updates, which it launched last year to provide newer versions of Android. However, Project Mainline updates are open source explicitly.

Google declined to provide any comment about the framework, and made clear that it was still not sure whether it would provide an audit of the restricted companies ’code that wanted to adopt a similar system.

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