Corona helps Jeff Bezos increase his wealth to 138 billion $

The tremendous wealth of Amazon CEO and entrepreneur (Jeff Bezos) increased by an additional $ 24 billion to date to $ 138 billion, even in light of the spread of the emerging coronary virus pandemic (COVID-19).

Bezos owns an 11% stake in the company, and has ascended the throne of the richest person in the world since 2017. And now the massive increase in demand for online purchases with the closure imposed in the United States, and other countries around the world, has driven up the price of the Amazon stock By 5.3% to reach a record level yesterday.

With the virus first spreading in the United States, Bezos saved himself from major losses by selling a large portion of his shares. Then he took advantage of the best stock market rally for three days since 1933. Now the late rally helped the Amazon share price to recover almost all of its losses in March.

But the growing demand comes amid growing controversy over the retailer’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, as workers reported severe pressure on warehouse workers. Many of them are found on the front lines of packing and shipping materials in warehouses, as the virus can spread easily. Indeed, the company confirmed several cases of infection among employees.

Many workers staged strikes to protest against the lack of protection measures. The employees demanded that the company temporarily shut down the facilities for cleaning, after confirming that several employees were infected with the virus. Indeed, the company responded by applying safety measures inside its warehouses, such as: a rule to maintain a safe distance between employees of six feet, and the provision of cleaning materials and handkerchiefs to workers, and the company also introduced mandatory temperature checks before each shift.

According to the Bloomberg Index of the Wealthy, Bezos is one of the few rich people who have seen an increase in their net worth since the beginning of 2020.

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