Cloudflare Now you can prevent viewing porn sites or malware infection

Cloudflare is a major internet business services company that in recent years has added a series of services targeted to individuals to facilitate fast and safe browsing.

Just two years after launching the DNS service, they are now stepping forward by launching a new free DNS service called for families, in addition to enabling faster and safer navigation, malware and adult content will also be blocked.

This new service was born out of a strong demand from many individuals, who wanted to get more protection from the DNS service they currently offer, which, as they explain, is the second most used globally after DNS Google, where they got more success than they expected in the origin.

The company's new DNS service for families comes in two different versions:, for malware protection, and for malware protection and adult content. According to Cloudflare, setting up on home devices or routers takes no more than a minute, as you just have to change two numbers, the primary DNS and the secondary DNS.

To block malware, use these DNS values:

To block malware and adult content, use these DNS values:

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