Call of Duty: Mobile launches championship and prize $ 1 million

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games, the proof of that is that the game recently reached 150 million downloads. Activision, which has already confirmed that it will forever ban cheaters, has officially launched an international tournament, Call of Duty: Mobile 2020 World Championship, where participants will be able to earn more than $ 1 million in prizes.

After a major update and Season Five, the mobile game team has officially presented through its website Call of Duty: Mobile 2020 World Championship, an online championship where there are over a million dollars in prizes. The road to the World Cup Final will begin with four online qualifiers, which will take place every weekend, between April 30 and May 24.
 The tournament will start by clicking "Subscribe to the game", and the first ten games played will give you tournament points. The points are based on the individual wins and your current rank, so the higher your ranking, the more points you will get when you win. By earning 80 points in the first ten games of any weekend, you will qualify for the second stage.

The company states in its statement that management reserves the right to investigate any player deemed to be in breach of direction, and in the event that someone is found to be using any of these prohibited items, it may be your denial of participation in future Call of Duty: Mobile courses. On the other hand, the company announced that players will get a reward for registration in the first stage of the tournament, and others to earn points during the tournament.
If the player qualifies for the second stage, he will also get another bonus in the game. In addition, Call of Duty: Mobile will release a new item every week. As for the second stage of the World Championship, players will have to cooperate with other classified users during the first stage and continue playing the championship online.

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