Apple develops a new feature to extend the life of "MacBook" batteries

Apple plans to add a new feature (Battery Health Management) to the latest version of the macOS Catalina operating system.

Version 10.15.5 of the system will come with the new feature, which is designed to increase the total life of MacBook batteries, by reducing the maximum charge in certain cases.

Instead of focusing on things like using a specific app, the feature determines battery health based on charging patterns and temperature history. This means that the feature is primarily aimed at users who continuously connect laptop computers to electricity during use.

The feature is designed to work primarily in the background, however, users will be able to turn it on and off in the power saving preferences within the settings. The feature is also designed to have a limited impact on the device's charging time.

It is noteworthy that the feature will be released as part of the developer benefits starting today, and will be added to the final version from 10.15.5. This feature is compatible with all MacBook models that support Thunderbolt 3.

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