All you need to know about artificial intelligence and how to get started with details

The artificial intelligence has made a very big breakthrough in the field of technology at the level of all fields, whether medical or industrial and others, and interest in this field has become very important because experts say that artificial intelligence is the future and will be a major reason for giving up many jobs in the future, so we will talk in this blog about intelligence Artificial detail only continued to end.

Initially, artificial intelligence or what is known as the term Artificial Intelligence is one of the fields of computer science that is mainly based on programming and has many sections in the sense that it is very wrong to say I am a specialist in artificial intelligence or I want to learn artificial intelligence.

In the beginning, you should learn the field that you want to start from among the branches of artificial intelligence, and then you start and the fields of artificial intelligence are not many, the most important of which is machine learning and deep learning besides programming, of course. With time it can transform into artificial intelligence. For example, machines were built to perform surgery without interference and to make cars the driving mechanism.

I would like to point out that learning a field like artificial intelligence is a very big opportunity for anyone to find a job with very high ranks and in the best countries because the field is very required and I will leave you with the best courses that introduce you more to the field, but at the end of this article I want you to see the artificial intelligence course crash course that is rich in definition and for reference, for the course to be available for translation into Arabic, in which everything related to artificial intelligence is explained and how it begins and it is nice to explain in a very beautiful way that helps in understanding.

To view the Artificial Intelligence course from: crash courses

Artificial Intelligence Course from: google

Artificial Intelligence Course from: classcentral

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