This new service is in Google Play Movies

In recent months, various companies have launched broadcast services to compete with Netflix or HBO, such as Amazon, Apple and recently Disney with the Disney + service.

Google did not compete directly with these companies other than owning some to rent and sell on Google Play movies.
It was in the Google Play APK code as XDA found lines showing some app news.

As you can see, these lines indicate that there will be new functionality within the app. Specifically, users will be allowed to watch thousands of movies without paying anything.
To monetize this service, Google will place ads in movies, although we do not know whether it will be before, after or in the middle of the movie. This is something that you are already doing on some movies on YouTube, so it's not surprising that the company is working on this in Google Play movies.

For the time being, we don't know more, when it will launch. The service could be launched soon, just now delayed due to the current crisis of the Corona Virus, due to the low investment in online advertising.

Link:  Google Play Movies

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