Huawei reveals the number of Huawei Mobile Services users and developers

Huawei CEO (Richard Yu) revealed during the announcement event of the Huawei P40 phones, which was held on Thursday, the number of users of its platform for mobile services that operate as a substitute for Google services outside China.

Since the US sanctions were imposed on the Chinese company last May, Huawei has focused its efforts on enhancing the capabilities of Huawei Mobile Services to be a substitute for (GMS), especially since preventing it from using the latter has prevented it from using Google applications And its services, including the Google Play store on which users rely to download applications on the Android system.

The platform (Huawei mobile services) includes the App Store (App Gallery), the video service (Huawei Video), Huawei Video, the audio service (Huawei Music), Huawei Music, and the wallet service (Huawei Walt) Huawei Wallet. According to Yu, the platform has so far reached more than 400 million monthly active users in 170 countries.

And because Huawei needs developers to deliver the applications that users demand via AppGallery, U has boasted that there are more than 1.3 million developers developing apps, games, and other software for Huawei devices.

Huawei also cooperates with both global and local partners to provide customized content for its users, and the company mentioned those: British news and sports media, such as: (The Sunday Times), (News UK), and (Talk Sport) Talk Sport.

In terms of visual content, Huawei has partnered with companies such as Universal Pictures, Sony Picture Entertainment, Paramount, BBC Studios, and other companies and channels. Excellent visual content. As for the audio content, it has cooperated with companies such as (Warner Music Group), (Warner Music Group), (Sony Music), (Sony Music), (Universal Music Group), and others.

(U) also reiterated Huawei's willingness to work with more application developers, and invited them to join the ranks of the HMS platform developers.

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