How to install Google services on Huawei and Honor phones with one click

One of the biggest losses suffered by Huawei due to the trade war between the United States and China is its ability to deal with Google, and as a result, Huawei phones that start with the Huawei Mate 30 series do not come with Google Play services.

According to a report from, there seems to be a way to install Google services on Huawei phones with just one click, and all it takes is for users to install an application called (Chat Partner) on the phone and follow the steps, and within minutes you should get Google services and run them On affected Huawei devices.

You should also know that Google is no longer officially working with Huawei, and although it has applied for an exemption to do so, there is also no way to ensure that Google may interfere and prohibit the operation of these services on Huawei phones.

Tristan Ostrowski, legal director of the Android system and the Google Play Store, wrote: “Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or the provision of its applications, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube and the Google Play Store, for previous download, or download. On these devices.

The company is concerned about the average user of the new Huawei device wishing to access its known applications such as YouTube, and is also concerned that the unofficial sources of these downloads may be harmful, and that ordinary users may not understand the risks involved.

Previously there was a way for users to install Google services on these phones, but it was quickly closed as well, and we cannot talk about the legitimacy of the app, so we cannot confirm whether it is really doing what was announced.

Google is well aware that some users may try to find ways to download their services on their phones, and Google has warned against doing so due to security concerns, and its inability to commit to serving their services as intended.

According to Forbes, says: “Despite our extensive testing and evaluation of the application, and the observation of potential illegal account activity in the days following the installation, we received a legal legal notice,” and the blog states that it has not been able to test whether this will lead to restrictions on Use at a later time.

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