Great tool to disable USB ports and protect your computer from hackers

We may sometimes have to let strangers use our computer, which may contain important and special files that you do not want anyone to copy from your computer and easily transfer files via USB ports. Much depends on that in order to steal files, so in this post we will learn about a very small tool with a size of 66 KB to lock USB ports and prevent their use by hackers.

The USB write protection tool is a small-sized tool as we mentioned, and it is portable. You do not need to install and you can download it from the link below the post. After opening the tool you will find three options.

The first option, USB device write protection, when activated, prevents modification or deletion of files on the flash drive connected to a computer in order to prevent loss or damage to files.

As for the third option, the USB device autorun, when activated, prevents the automatic flash operation when it is connected to the computer in order to prevent the transmission of viruses from the flash to the computer until you make a form.

You can also make a password for the tool in order to prevent modifications to the options from the intruders via the password option as in the image.

Link : USB write protection tool

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