China escalates cyber attacks with Corona outbreak

A US cybersecurity company said today, Wednesday, that it has discovered an increase in electronic espionage by a group of Chinese hackers suspected of dating back to late January, in conjunction with the beginning of the outbreak of the Coronavirus emerging outside China.

FireEye said in a report that it had detected an increase in activity of a hacker group called APT41 that had started on January 20 and targeted more than 75 of its clients from manufacturers, media companies, healthcare, and non-profit organizations.

There are "multiple possible explanations" for the spike in activity, Christopher Geller - a security engineer at Fire Eye, referring to the long-standing tensions between Washington and Beijing over trade and the controversy caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which has so far claimed life today. Nearly 20,000 people worldwide.

The report said: The new campaign is "one of the largest campaigns launched by the Chinese spy group in recent years." Fire Eye declined to identify the affected clients, but said in its report: APT41 recently discovered software vulnerabilities developed by Cisco and Citrix and others in an attempt to penetrate dozens of corporate networks in the United States and Canada, Britain, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and more than 12 other countries.

Cisco said in an email: It fixed the vulnerability and was aware of attempts to exploit it, while (Citrix) said: It has cooperated with (Fire Eye) to help identify "potential breaches."

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