A simple way to detect fraud when purchasing a new iPhone

Sometimes we find some people buying new iPhones from some locations at lower prices from the company's own stores and wondering how that happens? But in many of these cases these are Refurbished and not New phones, so in this post we will learn how to check whether your iPhone is new or renewed.

First go to Settings then click General then click About. A list of important information about the phone will appear including the device name, OS version, model number, and serial number of the device.

All we care about now is the model number. If the model number starts with the letter M, then this phone is completely new and if it starts with the letter F then this means that the phone is renewed by Apple or one of the telecom companies and if the model number starts with the letter N then this means that this phone is an alternative to a phone IPhone has something wrong:

If you find that your phone is being refurbished, this is not necessarily a cause for concern. Whereas, Apple places its (Certified Refurbished Products) in a strict process that includes a full test that conforms to the same functional standards that it offers in its new products by examining each unit in the device and replacing any broken parts if necessary and changing the battery and so on.

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