A great tool that changes the brightness of the computer screen automatically to maintain your eyes

The extreme brightness of the screen is the most harmful thing when using electronic devices, as this negatively affects vision in the long run and may cause headaches when looking for a long time. Therefore, in this post we will learn about a tool that helps you work on the computer for a longer period of time as it works in a very smart way.

Gammy tool is one of the programs that helps to reduce the effect of screen rays on the eye while sitting for long periods in front of the computer but it works differently from any other tool it helps your eyes to adapt when switching between dark and light windows especially at night or in poor lighting conditions where you Gammy changes the screen brightness level based on the background color of the program that appears on the screen at the current time. If, for example, you run a program with a white background, the screen light will be automatically lowered so that browsing is more comfortable to the eye. When using a program such as Google Chrome in the night mode, the tool raises the brightness of Screen to see everything clearly so all you have to do is adjust the settings to work automatically as in the picture and you can easily modify from the bars in the program's simple interface where you can specify the highest lighting the lowest lighting possible.

The program is completely free and supports work on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and also works on different Linux distributions.

Link :  Gammy

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