Google Stadia app can now be downloaded to Google Play to play any gameyou want on your phone

Just two weeks away from when Google Stadia is scheduled to launch. On November 19, users will be able to access the platform's catalog of games from the beginning, from pixels or via a TV connected to Google's Chromecast.

 Google has just published the Stadia app in the Google Play Store, and it can now be downloaded on most Android devices even though they won't all be compatible from the start.
One of the details to consider when determining access to the app for the first time is that once we register with Stadia, it will not be possible to change our Google Account, all payment data, games and other activities will be linked to this account, and the ability to transfer this information to an account will not be offered. else.
Since access to Stadia can not currently be opened through the App, only Oh will not be very useful until the next day November 19. However, anyone wishing to install the app on their device to prepare to launch the platform can do so.

 App Link: Stadia

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