Find out the best platforms for designing and making professional games

The gaming field has become a thriving field, and is evolving day by day, as companies make huge amounts of money, so your choice to learn the gaming industry will be a good idea, so I liked to introduce you in this new topic on the best platforms that will enable you to design and manufacture professional games We will also learn about the languages used in each platform as well as some examples of popular games of ComfortNite.

1- Unity:

This game engine is now the most popular in the gaming industry due to its features and features that help build games with strong graphics and fewer resources. Unity supports most platforms and most Android games are designed using Unity, based on Javascript and C-Sharp in building games.

2- BuildBox:

You should have played one of the most famous games in the picture and the most famous Color Switch game, which was famous, all these games are designed using this engine.This engine allows you to create games for Android and iPhone devices, but it can not be used to make games As great as a PC or PlayStation, one of the advantages of this engine is that it is easy to use and does not require software experience.

3.Unreal Engine:

 This engine was used to make several famous games such as Fortnite, Batman and Tekken. This engine is actually paid but epic games have provided it for free due to its success using it. This engine is based on C ++ language which is one of the most powerful languages ​​and is not easy to use But it is professional.

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