A new tool from Adobe can detect images modified photoshop

Every year, Adobe allows engineers to try out some of the experimental projects it works on at the annual MAX Designers Conference. The company calls these projects "sneaks" and may eventually find their way to be available to all users in their products.

At this year's conference, which was held a few days ago, Adobe unveiled a new tool called (about the face), which is characterized by its ability to detect whether it may be manipulated face with Photoshop or not.

With the ability of a modern photo editor to change faces, or even the overall features of a person, it can be difficult to find out with the eye. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular programs.

After introducing any image, the new About Face tool can evaluate image manipulation opportunities by studying each pixel, not by studying the image as a whole, such as a face recognition algorithm. Because image manipulation affects the consistency of pixels together, the new Adobe tool is able to identify which parts of the image are thought to have been manipulated with a thermal map showing those parts.

The mechanism of the tool appears to be designed to detect changes to the image using the Photoshop Bleed tool, where you can see where the pixels are stretched, compressed, or distorted.

Furthermore, the tool also has the ability to undo changes, as demonstrated by Adobe's presentation during the conference. Given the growing concerns about fake news and faces manipulation in videos, it seems that it is necessary for Adobe to develop a tool like About Face and launch it into the market in one of its products.

The capabilities of the About Face tool can be found in the video below:

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